Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A List Of Interesting Things To Do In Retirement

There are many senior citizens out there who complain often about not being able to do a number of things, blaming the limitations brought about by old age. Well, while this may be true, a lot of seniors almost always turn to what might just be an excuse.

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Travel is a joy to do when you’re in retirement. Seniors ought to worry less about not being able to walk fast enough or carry enough luggage. One can always take his sweet time when traveling. In fact, it’s much better to just enjoy the trip and be in the moment in every stop. Travel light, too. Most travel needs can be bought along the way anyway.

While traveling, it’s also a good idea to go to places where there are a lot of new people to meet. More walks in the park and strolls in the mall are good for the health. If moving around still seems difficult to do, then bring along a few distractions so you don’t think of the effort too much. Pets are the perfect distraction. It would be nice to bring one along with during your daily way, and you and your pet can both attract new friends.

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There’s so much that can be done with people than just be in each other’s presence. You each have many stories to tell. And you certainly have things that you can do together. Play board games, crochet together, visit the casino, or join a senior’s fitness club. Life is too short to not spend meaningful time with people around you. It can begin anew in retirement.

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

To each his own: Some amusing superstitions in gambling

Gambling is one very interesting phenomenon to observe, and this is also true in the behavioral sense. Nothing has stopped gamblers from making use of other ways to win, or at least anything that makes them feel lucky. Here are some amusing ways that people try to drive in luck to their gambling.

The charm

This is the most popular choice in luck generation. It doesn’t have to be a rabbit’s foot or an aged amulet. It can be a lucky tie or a lucky feather. Some may even have a lucky penny, which has a lot more personal value than any buy-in that sums up to the thousands. Usually, these items are associated with an event that turned out positively in the life of a person, wherein the charm played a role.

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Reversed clothing

This is usually done as an adjustment by a player who has been out of luck for the first few installments of whatever game he’s gambling in. Reversing one’s socks apparently reverses one’s fate, as the feet supposedly take a different direction. However, some people have taken this quite far, even reversing their hats, shirts, and ridiculously, even their underwear.

Exiting where one enters

This is a practice that serves one particularly in luck preservation. If a gambler has been enjoying a succession of wins, his greatest wish is for his luck to be sustained, and so the tendency is to keep things the way they are. Commonly, a gambler who wants to take a momentary rest would want to come back for more at a later time, and so he exits where he entered the first time.

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Beginner's Guide To Maintaining a Good Poker Face

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No, I am not talking about Lady Gaga’s music here. I am talking about the emotionless face that many poker players utilize to enhance their game. Whether you believe in it or not, knowing how to maintain a good poker face (without having to resort to sunglasses) is a good skill beginners and even professionals should know. Below are some good suggestions:

Relax and keep your distance: Body language is very telling; experienced poker players are much attuned to every movement and twitch. This is why many people consider poker more psychological than other casino games. To mask the negative emotions of a bad hand, it is good to practice mindfulness and learn how to relax. When the body is tense, people will instantly think you have a bad hand. Conversely, a relaxed mannerism allows you to bluff and play your game as you see fit.

Control eye movements: Eye movements are one of the hardest unconscious things to control; yet doing so is priceless. Eyes tend to flicker when they see an extremely good or bad hand. Experienced players will notice this, placing you at a disadvantage. This can be controlled with constant practice.

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Practice in front a mirror: This will seem weird and stupid at first. But playing games in front of the mirror helps you come up with an impassive expression. The aforementioned twitches can be easily monitored. Some players tape themselves instead. The goal is to review one’s actions and see any movement that could potentially give up the game.

One last recommendation is to have a more experienced poker player compete with you and give you honest feedback.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Irish believe in superstitions, too

I can’t think of any culture that does not believe in a certain superstition or folklore. Each nation has a unique connection with luck (or blessing), and this belief has been passed on from generation to generation. 

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The Irish believe in these things, too. Here are some superstitious beliefs the Irish hold dear until this day.  

Sea-faring superstitions 

Sailors and fishermen are very careful when they travel because the ocean can be dangerous. Many believe that red-haired women bring very bad luck to a boat. One way to go against this omen is to change the name of the ship so that it will have better luck. Blowing out a candle is also considered a no-no in sea-faring. It means that a sailor will die. What they do is they let the candles die out naturally for everyone’s safety.  


Halloween is known as the most dangerous night in the Irish culture. Halloween, or Samhain in Celtic, is the opening of the month of the dead. To protect the living, people set bonfires, masks, and lanterns so ghosts and ghouls will stay away.  

Protection from bad luck 

I know this by heart, since, I am called Lady Luck! Ever heard of the lucky four-leaf clover? Well, our ancestors believed that Eve (as in, the first woman God created out of Adam) took with her a four-leaf clover before she was cast out of the Garden of Eden. Many of us hold this dear, that when you find a four-leaf clover, you get a piece of paradise (or luck, in this case) wherever you go. Shamrocks, holy crosses, holy water, and saint’s medals are believed to protect one from misfortunes, too. 

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Monday, August 8, 2016

From Pastime To Vice: What’s The Right Gambling Attitude?

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Gambling is frowned upon by concerned individuals who have seen the ill effects of what greed for money can do to the life of an otherwise decent person. Too many lives have been ruined because of gambling addiction, leaving many victims heavily in debt.

And yet, gambling today has turned up a notch, even to the extent of professionalizing extraordinary individuals who are into the game, getting much of the world’s attention with all the profitable media mileage they receive. Right now professional card playing is considered a sport.

There seems to be a description of opposite extremes here. On the one hand, gambling has its dangers to the well-being of a person. On the other hand, it has proven to be an avenue in the exercise of the skills of a sportsman.

Perhaps gambling should not be condemned nor glorified for the wrong reasons. Obviously, there is a rather fair middle ground in the practice, for as long as one isn’t in too deep that greed takes over, or too oblivious of what could be a good way to relax the mind and meet interesting people.

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A healthy gambling attitude is to discipline oneself to play on a strict budget. For instance, if you go to a casino, commit to a specific amount of money that you’ll be using to gamble. If your $100 budget grows to $200, that’s more money for you to play with for the night. If you lose your $100 to the house, pack up and go home, and decide that maybe it just isn’t your lucky day.

Whether you’re winning or losing, know when to call it quits. If you handle your attitude well, your gambling practice can serve you properly.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Travel Without The Hassle: Tips For Senior Citizens

After working hard for almost 40 years, I realized that it’s time for me to start seeing the rest of the world. Even if I prefer traveling within the country, going out of town still requires me to be prepared for anything. I’m no longer twenty-five and I have a lot of medications to keep me healthy. That’s something I have to consider when I prepare for a fun trip. But since hypertension and backaches can’t stop me from being on the road, here are some things I do for a stress-free vacation:

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Bring a first aid kit

You never know what’s going to happen. Aside from my maintenance meds, I bring a mini first aid kit with gauze, band-aids, aspirin, tablets for stomachache, painkillers, and rash cream. Call me a girl scout but bringing a little pouch with all these things have helped not just me but my travel companions as well. Of course, I can’t do without a spare pair of prescription glasses in case the one I’m wearing breaks.

IDs and travel documents

This is especially true if you’re going overseas. If you’re wary of bringing your passport with you, perhaps you can bring a photocopy of it along with a valid ID or two, your travel itinerary, and the address of the place you’re staying.

Pack light

Do you seriously need three cardigans and a pair of boots for a one-week beach trip? Before stuffing your suitcase with fashion choices, make sure that it won’t ruin your mood when you start lugging it around the airport. Bring only the essentials and have a checklist. Remember, travel light. You’re going on the road to relax, after all.

For a hassle-free vacation, take note of these things. Your safety and health is essential for you to enjoy all the sights and activities. Be sure to have fun. Don’t forget your camera!

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Two reasons why people over 55 are happier (and how you can be too)

Recently I read an article that said that people over 55 were generally happier compared to any other age group. I remember smiling as I was reading the story; silently agreeing with the results and wondering at the change. This isn’t to say that I didn’t have an enjoyable life. I have very happy memories and I would not change them for the world. Still, there is something to be said about being older (and hopefully wiser). I’d like to share my own two reasons why older people are happier, and how you can apply this to your life, regardless of how old you are! 

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Does it really matter?: This is a question I learned to ask myself over the years. It is so easy to get stressed over anything; deadlines, bosses, coworkers, lovers, children, etc. We place ourselves in a position where we have to constantly be in control. When the inevitable happens (we don’t have control), we begin feeling anxious and stressed. We may even take it out on our loved ones. As you get older, you begin to realize the things that matter and learn to ask: does it really matter? Is it worth getting stressed over the bus that caused you to be late for the day? These things happen. Learning which events to dedicate emotional and mental energy to is a key element to happiness (and reduction to stress). 

Being grateful: While my above point was about not sweating the small stuff, it is also good to remember the little things. Learning to appreciate what you have makes you grateful and then you begin to sincerely radiate that. This is a delicate balance that you have to figure out, but once you do, it is extremely priceless. 

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